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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the team at KBT Realty Group knows that in real estate it may also be worth thousands of dollars. 

Photographs and video can make a difference in how long your home stays on the market. High quality and well-choreographed photos communicate a sense of quality in the home, as well. At KBT Realty Group, goal is to create alluring and attention-grabbing images that set your home apart from the competitors – pique the buyer’s interest into taking the next step of contacting the agent to get it sold.

real estate photography


Paul Charles

Paul is owner of Green Heron Creative, and has created home tours of high-end properties throughout North Carolina. He specializes in drone video, exterior and interior photography, HD video production, and HDR still photography. He has helped produce creative for Southern Living Magazine’s 2019 Inspired Home on Bald Head Island, and various real estate firms along the southeastern North Carolina coast. He is creative services lead for KBT Realty Group.

Paul holds a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from the University of South Carolina and an M.S. in Television/Film from the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.

salina wilkins real estate photographer

Salina Wilkins

Salina has worked on projects with KBT Realty Group since 2019.

Salina began her photographic journey in 1993 in the Marine Corps as a Combat Photographer shooting black & white film and creating products in the darkroom. She ended her military career over twenty years later as a Visual Information Officer, having taught photography to hundreds of Department of Defense students and managed visual projects in the photographic, cinematographic, and graphic arts fields.

“I have found a new passion in showcasing properties through my lens. I believe my inherent attention-to-detail and well-developed eye set me apart from other real estate photographers. I’m as concerned with the background and foreground of images as I am with the primary subject. I pay very close attention to the composition and lighting of the elements in a room to ensure everything works together for the most flattering representation possible.”

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Through perspective and lighting, my goal is to provide an initial impact that immediately attracts and holds the attention of prospective buyers browsing hundreds of real estate listings. The key to marketing every property is to produce high quality images that tell the story of the home.

From the street-side approach to an enticingly ajar front door, every photo should be inviting and warmly say, “Welcome Home”.


Once you have expressed to your real estate agent what makes your home special, a talented photographer is able to translate that visually.

Our photographer will capture attractive images of the spaces of your home and arrange them in a sequence that tells the property’s unique story. These photos are the first step in creating the visual marketing tools to attract the perfect buyer that can envision themselves making your house, their home.




We are most passionate about capturing the smallest details and the design elements and architectural features that help buyers connect with the soul of the home.


If ‘location, location, location’ is what sells, highlighting the views of and from each property are certainly integral in cementing a buyer’s decision. Working between the interior and exterior of a home requires a deeper understanding of lighting and composition.

Capturing the essence of stepping outside your door can promise a buyer everything from relaxation, comfort and serenity, to invigoration!