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In addition to real estate photography, I coordinate with the real estate agent and homeowner to create marketing resources that offer tangential services to home sellers. These include slideshows, video voice-overs and custom call-to-actions, and floor plans with detailed measurements. Every shoot is preceded by tips for getting the most out of your effort to list and market your home.


Part of my process involves taking the time to thoughtfully sequence my photographs to create a virtual walk-through, highlighting special features and providing potential buyers with an inviting and logical digital experience. Instead of a dizzying and disorienting virtual tour, my photos flow from room to room in a tour that is carefully composed to make sense, and show you what you want to see next.

Because my photos are organized as if a buyer were walking through the home themselves, the photos are easily stitched into effective, engaging slideshow videos.

With video editing, drone footage & stills, voice overs, live-action broker introductions, and custom calls-to-action can easily be incorporated into slideshows to amplify a marketing message.

Every home I photograph is treated with the same discerning eye, from a condo or townhouse, to a starter-home or luxury listing.

Floor Plans

After photographing a property, I measure and detail floor plans for each floor of the primary residence, tangential space, and outbuildings. It is essential that floor plans are accurate, detailed, and in compliance with MLS requirements.

Luxury | 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3,685 sqft

Historic Home with Outbuildings | 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2,715 sqft

Furnished Condo with Lockout | 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,090 sqft

Info for Sellers

KBT Realty Group has prepared the following resources to help ensure a successful, creative photography session for your property:

Preparing Your Home for a Photo Shoot

Covid 19: Safety and Showing Protocols (including working with your photographer)